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Why Do Most Indian Bloggers Fail in Blogging

India is one of the country that has a large number of bloggers in the world. The ever-rising population and massive unemployment problem, and incapability of the incompetent government, has given this honor.

Why Do 90% of Indian Bloggers Fail in Blogging

With the advancement of modern technologies and the internet, people can now make money online. And blogging as a profession is catching up in India, but it’s still at a very infant stage. In 2002, I started a site called about the current affairs of Northeast India. The reason this site failed miserably is that in those days, most people have not seen a computer forget the high-speed internet and mobile facility we have today.

The rise of blogging and social media in the past couple of years is remarkable. No one ever thought that online media would replace traditional media, and blogging will be seen not just as a hobby.

Let us see some reason why most Indian bloggers fail in blogging:

Herd Mentality

Most Indian bloggers start a blog because they heard that lots of people are making lots of money blogging. They want to become the next DotCom Mogul, and so they create their blog. But what they often miss is failing to research themselves whether they have a real passion, knowledge, and authority on their niche.

Hosting: For many Indians, $100 is a lot of money. Instead of choosing the free blogging platform as a beginnner, they will go with whatever the popular influencers or affiliate marketers tell them to. The popular advice you often hear from affiliate marketers is: "Go WordPress self-hosting." I am not saying they are wrong. However, this may not be the best advice available.

So they choose WordPress self-hosting.

If you are a new blogger with a flexible budget, the danger for you is going self-hosting. The moment you pay for your hosting, the clock starts ticking nonstop for the next billing.

So when the time comes for the next hosting bills, most people would decline because they made no money from their blog. And so they finally quit like others.

When I started blogging, I hoped that I would get a ton of traffic through search engines because all of the other popular blogs got a lot of Google love. The reality is that you will not get too much traffic from Google because your blog is new. It takes years before your search engine traffic kicks in.

The Link Dropping Trends: When they hear somewhere that backlinks are essentisl for SEO and ranking. Most beginners will link drop almost everywhere telling the whole world how cheap is their blogs.

What most don't know: Do you think you can simply beat your competitors on the search result page who are ahead of you by 10-20 years by following some SEO techniques? Don't you think they are most probably following the best SEO practices to beat their own competitors? I think it's about time to stop listening to those SEO experts who want your business and start focusing on optimizing your blog.

Adsense Bloggers

Most bloggers start a blog, push out a few posts based on something that they love, slap on a few Google Ads and believe that they will get loads of traffic and earn bags and bags of money. Sorry to be such a spoiler but that's not how it works.

Many Indians start a blog just for Adsense money. They lack the technical knowledge, the art of writing, copywriting, and quality of a successful entrepreneur as a whole. I have seen many bloggers quitting blogging due to no AdSense approval. In December 2020 alone, I make-over 13 blogs for Adsense approval.

Hardworking But Not Smart

Indians are no doubt hardworking in almost all areas. But they tend to work less smartly and rationally. Like any religious people, they hope that something magical will happen in their life. The belief in the supernatural and deities like Laksmi perhaps makes them unpractical.

We all know there is no shortcut to success. When things do not turn out the way they expected, they resort to cheap or unethical approaches that we often see on social media.

When advanced blogger shares blogging tips, they pay less attention to reading, understanding, and implementing them on their blog. They do this thinking all bloggers online promoting blogging tips shares their same miserable state.

Lack of Monetization Strategy

Depending on the type of blog you have, you can create a specific monetizing strategy. If you're building a finely niched blog, you shouldn't focus on ads in the beginning - people frown upon ads. You should focus on building a brand.

This part will require a lot of focus.

When you build a brand, you start attracting readers.

Once you've built a loyal readership, you can start implementing your monetizing strategies. Your main target is to implement Sales Funnels. How does it work?

  • You write posts that attract specific people who are your target audience.
  • They read your posts and sign up to a highly related offer to receive newsletters from you.
  • These people aren't ready to buy yet, but are extremely engaged with your content.
  • They finally purchase your product.
  • They love it so much, that they become loyal customers and buy more products from you.

Now imagine several people moving through this funnel.

This is the basic principle of how most Bloggers make money and what you need to aim for.

Google has been telling us for years to set up goals and funnels for free at Google Analytics. You probably missed this out because most affiliate marketers wouldn't tell you this.

Most Indian Bloggers Does not Love The Process:

Of course, all Indian bloggers are not the same. Many successful Indian bloggers are making a substantial income through medium blogging.

In the beginning, it is quite likely that the only person who visits your blog is you. Things are usually slow when it comes to visitors on blogs.

Remember that there are millions of blogs on the internet all vying for readers’ time, and though you are not just another blogger, you are just another blogger in the bigger picture. To build a loyal reader base, you need to be persevering enough to go a long time with a very few set of visitors. But perseverance does pay and will pay in the long run. Be persistent and consistent, and you will see the results soon enough.

The blogosphere is littered with one post and ten post blogs. If you wish to make a name or earn an income from blogging you will need to be there posting to your blog regularly.

One of the biggest turns offs to blog readers is plagiarized content or using somebody else’s material and passing it off as your own. You have to have your own style when blogging. Developing your own style and voice in your writing will take time. There are no shortcuts.

Finally, do not give up your day job just yet. Success in blogging is not a short-term possibility. You will need to "nurture and water" your blog so that it grows both in content quality and readership. A formal written objective will help keep you focused on the task and enable you to benchmark yourself for success. Pay attention to what is happening and analyze the reasons for success so that you can build on it as well as the reasons for failure so that you can take corrective action. The road to becoming a successful, financially independent blogger is long and hard but the rewards of reaching your goal can be very satisfying.

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