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WhatsApp Live Chat Widget

No matter what industry you work in, giving customers the opportunity to easily contact you is essential. Your customers want to know you'll be responsive to their needs. If this communication channel also gives you the chance to reach out to customers directly, even better. That’s why it's smart to develop a chatbot for WhatsApp. This popular messaging app already has approximately 1.5 billion users. Rather than developing a separate app and asking your customers to download it if they want a convenient way to get in touch, cast a wide net by letting them communicate through a WhatsApp chatbot platform.

The Benefits of WhatsApp Chatbot Integration

WhatsApp Live Chat Widget

WhatsApp recently released a feature that allows companies to create official business accounts. Prior to this, businesses were establishing unofficial accounts on the platform to perform customer service functions and for advertising on WhatsApp.

This new feature offers many benefits to organizations. A WhatsApp chatbot platform designed to handle customer service tasks can boost brand loyalty in several ways. First, WhatsApp chatbot integration will make it so customers never have to wait on hold again when contacting your customer service department.

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