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The Secrets To Writing Killer Blog Posts

Do you ever spend lots of time and effort writing? Great content, only to be disappointed by the lack of blog traffic you receive?

The Secrets To Writing Killer Blog Posts

Always remember this: No one wants to read a blog with ideas, visuals, and concepts already spewed a million times over.

A blog post should answer one key question that is of critical importance to the target audience.

The biggest mistake any writer makes is to think they can write for everyone. When you know how something impacts your readers, you tailor everything to help them, and it will stand out from the crowd.

To create content that stands out, you should focus on the one thing the reader can take away from what he is reading and take action on.

Use social media and your network to see what questions your particular audience asks frequently. And the headlines you are choosing for each article need to be enticing for people to click over other content.

By writing for one, you end up attracting many

Sometimes you can write a post for one person and that person is NOT explicitly stated in the post. Instead, that person serves as your North Star inside your mind, invisibly guiding your pen.

The best place to find questions in your niche is Quora. A questioner will ask and request you (based on your popularity) for an answer.

You can write an actual post on your blog and offer a gist of the post on Quora with a link back.

Offer The Solution

I don't think it's all about writing original posts or writing like a wordsmith. Most people use the internet to look for solutions to their problems. If you are one of those who provide solutions, people will come and read your blog posts.

The best example is Stackoverflow.

You only need to embrace the fact that it takes time and effort to get found on the Search Engines Result Pages. SEO is a long-term strategy, and SEO requires time. Paying attention early on optimizing your blog to get the best result out of your blog is the way it is.

Clean Design and Layout

If you want to improve credibility and build relationships with your readers, take the time to spruce up your site.

The best way to make your blog posts stand out is through design. Everyone can write good content, but few bloggers put money into design, such as graphics, pictures, or custom animation. This is a great way to get more social traffic.

Custom Web Design + Copywritng + SEO

Web copy, Designs, and SEO are King, Queen, and Knight respectively. And how well you use them together creates a user experience that either drives people away or makes them click the "buy" button.

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Visuals are a powerful tool. If you've spent any time on my blog or social channels, you know my commitment to creating visual appeal. Not only will the right visual brand your business, but it can also improve visibility.

With each post you write, determine what your call to action is. It can be as simple as asking a question or pointing towards another helpful article.


If you want people to stand up and take notice of your blog, you must take a stand. Let readers feel as if you're talking directly to them and make them feel your words. I encourage you to start sharing your opinions, the real ones, today. Not the ones you slide under the rug because you're worried about what others will say.

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Webcopy, Designs and SEO are King, Queen, and Knight respectively. And how well you use them together creates a user experience that either drives people away or makes them click the "buy" button.


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