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Blogging Tips 001: Getting Started with Blog

The concept behind a blog isn't new; after all, people have been keeping diaries and journals since the invention of the written word. Even on the web, diary websites existed long before anyone used the word blog.

Blogging Tips 001

No one really knows when the first true blog was created, but estimates put the date around 1994. The term weblogcame into existence in 1997, and it was quickly shortened to the more colloquial blog.

So what does it take to make it big in the blog world, and, for that matter, the Web world as well? Of course, there isn't some instant mantra that you can follow to get blogging success, but by following these simple blogging tips, you can make your mark.

Start Your Blog

One reason that so many blogs exist is that you can set them up and publish them so easily.

Stop dreaming, and start your blog today. You can't become a successful blogger unless you have a blog.

Since blogging involves the written word, you will need to practice writing. And there is no better way to do that than by—what else—maintaining a blog.

Inculcating the habit of writing will help you cross the first milestone on your road to blogging success.

Setting Goals

Blogs are so quick and easy to set up that you can start one without having much of a plan in place for what you want to blog about, why you're blogging, or what you're trying to accomplish. Some people thrive on this kind of wide open playing field, but others quickly become bored (or boring!).

To get your blog started on the right foot, think seriously about why you're blogging, and then make a commitment to attaining your goals. You can't start your blog without having a recipe for success.

Just like you have many different reasons to blog, you have many ways to create a successful blog. Don't forget that your goals and plans might not be the same as another blogger. Do think about what your goals are and keep those goals in mind when you start your blog.

Goal setting will help clarify and remove doubts about what the blog is supposed to do. Start with a plan and be ready to change it if things are not working out expected. This is the entrepreneurial mindset.

Watching how someone else blogs is a great way of finding out how to be successful yourself! Keep track of how the blogs you enjoy are keeping you interested: Take note of how often the blogger updates his or her blog, the writing style, and which posts you find most engaging and get you to leave a comment.

Many bloggers are eager to attract readers to their blogs, and they define success by the number of people who visit every day. Some bloggers find the interaction with readers in the comment area of the blog very gratifying. For these bloggers, getting a comment every day or on every post might mean they're successful.

Many successful bloggers start their blog in order to accomplish a task (such as raising money for a charity), to sell a product, or even to get a book contract (blogs have done all these things). When these bloggers meet their goal, they know they've succeeded!

When you start your blog, take time to think about how you define success. Do you want to help your entire family keep in touch? Do you want to let your friends back home know more about your college experience? Are you starting a company and trying to get attention in the media?

Consider writing your goals into your very first blog post and then returning to that post every few months to see whether your goals have changed and to remind yourself of what you're trying to accomplish.

Be Prepared To Have No Readers!

To become a successful blogger, the first requirement is to have tons of visitors. This can be achieved only one way. Have plenty of good original content that is readable again and again.

In the beginning, it is quite likely that the only person who visits your blog is you. Things are usually slow when it comes to visitors on blogs.

Remember that there are millions of blogs on the web all vying for readers' time, and though you're not just another blogger, you are just another blogger in the bigger picture.

To build a loyal reader base you need to be persevering enough to go a long time with a very few set of visitors. But perseverance does pay and will pay in the long run. Be persistent and consistent and you will see the results soon enough.

Understanding SEO

There's a smarter way to do SEO. SEO is a long-term strategy and SEO needs time. Pay attention early on optimizing your blog to get the best result out of your blog.

When I started blogging in 2004, I hoped that I would get a ton of traffic through search engines because all of the other popular blogs got a lot of Google love. The reality is you won't get too much traffic from Google because your blog is new. It takes years before your search engine traffic kicks in.

SEO techniques will help you increase traffic, rankings, and visibility in search results. Following these General Guidelines will help Google find, index, and rank your site.

Learn From WIkipedia

Wikipedia became popular not because they have the best SEO experts. They become number one in the search engine result page because of their massive content and easy to use clean and minimal layout.

Wikipedia is a good reference source for almost everything and is one of the most popular websites in the world. While it is not always correct, it works for most infos like where some person was born or when a certain event has taken place. It is also free and does not use ads, which adds to the interest.

Promote Your Blog

Before you consider how you'll promote your blog, make sure you're creating high-quality blog content.

Creating content for the sake of creating content won't help your business in the long run. Your blog should contain helpful, unique content that relates to your product and brand.

Remember, even the best promotion plan won't matter if you're promoting low-quality blog content.

The very best blog content can't engage readers and convert customers without a solid promotion plan. Put these blog promotion tactics to work to grow your reader base and convert more customers.

The First Five Years

There are no shortcuts. So write no matter what. Forget about the traffic and about getting rich.

The blogosphere is littered with one-post and ten-post blogs. If you wish to make a name or earn an income from blogging you will need to be there posting to your blog regularly.

With blogging, you have to be regular. This is not to say that you should think of it as a daily chore, but more that you need to have at least some schedule of regularity in your updates.

The road to becoming a successful, financially independent blogger is long and hard but the rewards of reaching your goal can be very satisfying.

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