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Aluliu: Rising Northeast Indian Fashion Blogger Storms The World

Aluliu is the ideal fashion blogger; so many people are inspired by her multi-faceted nature. Very family-oriented, Aluliu is convinced that the support of family and friends goes a long way. This ace fashion blogger leaves no stone unturned when it comes to channeling her inner creative—she enjoys dancing in her free time. She also jots down what she is thankful for every day in her journal. Very creative, indeed!

But, there is more to learn from this young entrepreneur than just what's in style this season. In an exclusive interview with Archie Webmaker, I talked to Aluliu and discovered what it takes to be a successful influencer and how she became ALULIU.


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Having an interest in fashion, Aluliu knew deep down that this is the journey she wants to embark on. At the age when most of us are deciding to take college entrance exams, this young lady landed a marketing internship with Brand Marketing India, focusing on a very important side of the fashion industry. This one opportunity led to "constant interests," as she put it, including internships at big companies like Calvin Klein. Soon afterward, she packed her bags to go to London to take formal courses, finding her niche for fashion blogging.

In the world of blogging, Minawala thinks that the key is to be genuine and honest in the content you provide. Being yourself is essential in this field and she aims to do so by creating work that expresses her own individualistic style. To her, influencing is just that. As I spoke about the "Insta-age," and how influencers are viewed as feeding into perfection, Aluliu thought this notion was one misleading factor of her profession.

What do these influencers have in common?

After witnessing their success with partnerships with other brands, influencers around the world are taking the leap and launching their own labels. Digital entrepreneur, Chiara Ferragni, led the way with the launch of her Chiara Ferragni Collection in 2013 and has been followed by the likes of Kylie Jenner of Kylie Cosmetics, Leandra Medine of Man Repeller, as well as Aluliu's brand, ALULIU.

Launching in May 2017, ALULIU's marketing and communication plan was initiated roughly a year before the contemporary ready-to-wear line was even scheduled to debut. Alexa Chung’s brand leveraged media assets by providing Business of Fashion with an exclusive announcement, that described the inspiration behind the brand, as well as Aluliu's motivations to "have the freedom to make her own world, without someone else’s brand’s brief to stick to."

In an almost 'drip-fed' marketing strategy, the brand then launched a cinematic style teaser video unveiling ALULIU's logo, before holding a star-studded runway show in London, with other influencers in attendance such as Pixie Geldof and Daisy Lowe. This anticipation build-up coupled with the buzz created by the differentiation in marketing tactics led to the success of the brand launch.


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Aluliu's launch was covered by an astonishing 63 times across 11 of their online platforms, which told the brand that Vogue’s audience would likely be interested in the upcoming collection. Knowing which publications were generating buzz and were receptive to the launch, also allowed brands like Aluliu's to make decisions such as who to send samples to once the collection is out – as these publications were likely to also feature the collection when it debuted.

Another crucial factor that is often overlooked when tracking media mentions, is where that content is actually coming from. The launch of Aluliu's brand not only generated coverage in somewhat predictable regions such as fashion hubs like the US, UK, France, and Italy but also saw significant coverage from publications in Spain, Portugal, Germany, and the Netherlands.

Through examining the global buzz they were generating, Aluliu opened a hugely successful pop-up shop in Tokyo which was followed by 12 more across Asia. As a result of noticing these global market openings in more niche locations, the brand was able to expand and conquer as well as create more global partnerships and unlock new customers. By just evaluating where media content is coming from, potentially valuable markets that were previously unconsidered can be detected and tapped in to.

All thanks to technology

Traditionally, brands tend to manually track and qualify coverage, which can be time-consuming, especially if you have to scout out, buy and then flick through physical print copies for one mention. It’s also not 100% certain that you’re going to be able to track every single mention, which is potentially risky if coverage from different regions comes up that you wouldn’t think to look at. By integrating a software-based system, dedicated to monitoring media mentions, brands can combat the risks associated with manual tracking (and free up precious time). Platforms dedicated to this also go beyond tracking and recording, as they can also filter out coverage from an influencer’s personal account versus their label’s account, separating the Aluliu from the ALULIU.

And, using media monitoring platforms aren't just useful for new brands. Whether you’ve just launched or have been in action for a while, it’s always vital to see what kind of buzz you’re generating so that you can integrate this information into your marketing tactics.

Do you want to read more inspiring bullshit success story, sans facts? Tell us in the comment how this story inspired you.

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