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100 Benefit Headlines For Copywriters

A benefit headline implies or expresses a benefit to the reader.

100 Benefit Headlines For Copywriters

One tried and true technique for crafting headlines is to determine which benefit your product or service provides is most important to your customers, and use that benefit as the crux of your headline.

100 Killer Article Titles for Copywriters

You can choose from this large selection of creatively-worded swipes to eradicate your writer's block and assist you in choosing the best words to write persuasive sales copy for you or for your clients.

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If you want your advertising to generate leads and sales, use benefit headlines not teaser headlines. Here are 100 swipes of powerful, persuasive words and phrases to use in sales letters, blog posts, ads, articles, etc.

1. Never Released Before

2. Newly Launched

3. The Latest ________

4. Hot!

5. Smoking Hot!

6. _______ of the year

7. One of a kind

8. Not rehashed or recycled from anywhere else

9. The first of its kind

10. Why pay more?

11. More for less

12. Secure your copy today for only $_____

13. Act now while it's still at its lowest price

14. Blowout Sale!

15. Explode your ______

16. Boost Your profits

17. Reduce your _______

18. Double / Triple / Quadruple your profits

19. Skyrocket your sales count!

20. See your profit margin soar through the roof!

21. Can an extra $1000 a month help improve your lifestyle?

22. Become a ________ machine

23. Add new income streams instantly

24. Boost your _______ by tonight

25. Step-by-step formula to making your _______

26. Get paid to ________

27. ________ freedom

28. ________ on pure autopilot

29. Line your pockets with …

30. Affordable

31. Low-cost

32. Get everything for the price of one

33. More value for money

34. Save time on _____

35. I respect your time so I'll cut the chase and go straight to the point

36. This one's on the house

37. Zero-cost

38. Free of Charge

39. Here's a gift for you, simply for ______

40. As a bonus incentive, you get ______ just for ______

41. This is valued at$______ bit it's yours FREE

42. I would have easily sold this for $_____ but for a limited time only, it's yours FREE

43. 6 too-simple-to-pass-up ways to _______

44. I'm giving away ______

45. At no extra cost

46. No additional charge

47. I'm also throwing in _____

48. If you act now, you also get _____

49. But that's not all. You also get ____

50. I'm saving the best for the last

51. Say goodbye to frustrating _______

52. Let us do all the work for you so you don't have to

53. Fire your boss

54. Pay your bills on time

55. Work anytime and anywhere you want

56. If _______ is not a problem, what do you want to do?

57. In a blink of an eye

58. Instantly

59. Faster than you can say _______

60. Starting this second, you can ______

61. As easy as pie

62. You don't have to be a rocket scientist

63. ________ in just seconds / minutes

64. It's a whole lot easier than you think

65. _______ just got easier

66. Even if you don't know anything about ______

67. You probably wouldn't have guessed it was that easy

68. Even if you are a newbie

69. In an instant

70. Immense

71. Massive

72. Collection of ________

73. Time Tested

74. Proven

75. Thoroughly tested

76. ______ resistant

77. Exciting

78. Mind Boggling

79. Sizzling Hot

80. Premium

81. We used only the best ______

82. Widely recognized ______

83. Join the ranks of ________

84. 3 "no brainer" ways to ______

85. Only for a select few

86. You are the reason why we're in business

87. Why even "beginners" are able to use_________

88. How to use the secret of ________ to__________

89. The one basic secret of _______

90. How to easily pull off _________

91. Why it's actually more simple (and profitable) to _______

92. How to get better (and faster) results than___________

93. A dirt-cheap, simple do-it-yourself _______that gives you ________

94. How to avoid the embarrassing mistakes even experienced ______ make when_____

95. A "lazy man's" ______ way to ______

96. Secret "2-minute" ______ techniques (that's all it takes!) that

97. New (and simple) ______ that actually ________

98. Exactly how and what to _______

99. Detailed strategies to _______

100. Little-known secrets that can steer you to tremendous ______

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