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Is WordPress Dying? How to Save WordPress

Rest assured, this is not some rhetorical rants but musing on something amusing at the same time enlightening. Like many, I love WordPress, and there's no doubt about it.

WordPress, like many other CMSs, is dying a slow death. How could this be? According to W3Techs, WordPress currently powers 33 percent of all websites on the internet and commands a 60 percent market share among CMS-driven sites.

Is WordPress Dying? How to Save WordPress

Do you know what happened to Nokia phones and the company? From the highs of global dominance to the lows of nearing bankruptcy, Nokia's phone business culminated in a sale to Microsoft for $7.2 billion in 2013.

Those who can discern the time and changes taking place have a better chance of survival in the competitive and ever-changing arena.

Matt Mullenweg and the WordPress community is madly in love with WordPress for its flexibility and extensibility. Their focus seems to be limited to enhancement, and WordPress as a company tends to be highly competitive to its rivals such as Joomla and Drupal but seems to be playing deaf to the changing times.

Most probably, the greatest mistake WordPress made was purchasing Woocommerce and making it primarily a WordPress plugin and not a standalone app. So they now face a new fierce enemy - Stripe.

We are living in the cloud computing age and Saas (Softwares as a service). Most software today is known as apps. What's unique about these apps is that they are standalone. These apps function smoothly on almost every platform - Mailchimps. Their simplicity and ease to use are much like embedding a YouTube video on your website.

The future is bright because the future is 'Static.' In the early days of the internet, all websites were static. It means that they were all written in pure HTML and CSS. (JavaScript did not become widely adopted until later.)

The advent of CMS like WordPress led to the proliferation of so-called dynamic websites, or those utilizing server-side scripting languages like PHP to serve content from a database.

CMS-driven dynamic websites became popular because they were so simple to create and manage. But they also came along with several notable disadvantages, including performance and security issues.

WordPress is winning a lot but also due to many false assumptions manufactured by affiliate marketers. The number one blog leading a large 'herd mentality community' is WPBeginners. This blogger is known for unfair comparison: (software) VS Tumblr and Blogger, etc. We may compare (Software) and Joomla but not with Joomla or Drupal. I don't doubt it's his lack of better knowledge, but that's what most affiliate marketers do on the internet.

And who says you cannot design your Blogger blog like WordPress? Blogger has its conditional tags, and you can now even edit the post loop to suit your needs. Here's the proof: Take a look at this full-width post filtered by Label(category), and this full-width page.

Do you know why most bloggers are failing? It is no secret that we live in an age of information overload. Almost every blogger seems to have ideas about blogging, creating engaging content, SEO and copywriting. But why most of them are failing?

The truth is, no CMS is built by default for the Search Engine. In the beginning, the only person visiting your blog maybe you. It takes years to grow a loyal audience.

When I started blogging in 2002, I hoped that I would get a ton of traffic through search engines because all of the other popular blogs got a lot of Google love. The reality is you won't get too much traffic from Google because your blog is new. It takes years before your search engine traffic kicks in.

The popular advice you often hear from affiliate marketers is: "Go WordPress self-hosting" right away. They advocate with such dedication that it stimulates many people to sign up for a hosting account through their referral links.

Now, if you are a new blogger with a flexible budget, the grave danger for you is going self-hosting. The moment you pay for your hosting, the clock starts ticking nonstop for the next billing. So when the time comes for the hosting bills, most people would decline because they made no money from their blog. And so they finally quit like many others.

Having a WordPress self-hosted blog doesn't guarantee success. To many, WordPress means 'success' due to the half-baked pieces of information manufactured continuously by affiliate marketers.

Many advanced bloggers are now realizing it takes a few steps to make their website friendly for Search Engines. And the dream of running one's successful woo-commerce store is dying out as many started to realize that selling products on a platform with a large inbuilt community such as Amazon does much better than their store nobody knows.

All I am saying is take a minute before investing your valuable money in hosting. Consider free platforms such as Github Page (Static HTML) and Blogger, which give you the freedom to edit your HTML files. You can now integrate almost all apps available to make your blog function as a full website.

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